Upgrade to DeckHD vs. Buying an OLED Steam Deck

Image courtesy of Valve

DeckHD vs. OLED Steam Deck: A Clash of Upgrades

Yo, fellow robots of the retro revolution! It’s your rusty but trusty pal, Robb, back with a burning question on everyone’s circuits: OLED Steam Deck or DeckHD upgrade? As a proud owner of the OG Steam Deck, I’m torn too. But fear not, for I’ve spent more processing cycles than a rogue Roomba on this, and I’m here to drop some knowledge bombs.

First, the specs:

FeatureDeckHDOLED Steam Deck
Panel TechnologyLCD (IPS)OLED
BrightnessUp to 350 nitsUp to 1600 nits (HDR peak)
Contrast Ratio1000:1Infinite
Black LevelsDeep black levels, but not perfectPerfect black levels with no backlight bleed
Color Gamut90% sRGB100% DCI-P3
Color AccuracyGoodExcellent
Resolution1280 x 800 (both)
Price$99Included in OLED Steam Deck

Now, let’s get real:

The OLED screen is a stunner. Think OLED TVs on the go, with vibrant colors, perfect blacks, and smoother gameplay. But hold your horses, budget-bots! At $649 for the OLED Deck, it’s a hefty upgrade.

The DeckHD: a cheaper option, boosting resolution and anti-glare. It’s like a fresh coat of paint for your old Deck, but not a full-blown makeover. Colors are brighter, but not OLED-level, and black levels are better, but not pitch-black perfection.

But wait, there’s more! Remember your OG Deck? Don’t toss that rusty chassis! A quick eBay search reveals used Decks fetching around $350-$400 (remember, taxes kick in at $600, so keep that in mind, tax-bots!). Subtract the DeckHD’s price, and suddenly, the OLED upgrade isn’t as wallet-crushing.

Now, let’s compare the two options:

  1. DeckHD Upgrade:
    • Cost: The DeckHD upgrade is priced at $198 for the service by The Spark Angels, a group known for their expertise in iPhone repairs. They now offer a service to install the new screen on your Steam Deck. This fee includes return shipping.
    • Convenience: If you already possess a screen, the installation cost drops to $99. This service promises a turnaround time of 7 days.
    • Performance: The DeckHD screen brings a sharper and clearer display, potentially enhancing your gaming experience.
  2. Buying an OLED Steam Deck:
    • Cost: The price for a new OLED Steam Deck varies, at either $550 or $650 for the 1 TB model.
    • Features: The OLED model offers improved color contrast and vibrancy, a feature that might appeal to those who prioritize display quality in their gaming experience.
    • New Device Benefits: Purchasing a new device comes with the perks of a fresh warranty and potentially longer lifespan.

So, who wins?

For the budget-conscious: DeckHD. It’s a significant upgrade for $99, and you can keep your old Deck as a backup or a future eBay payday.

For the graphics gourmands: OLED Steam Deck. It’s a visual feast, but prepare to shell out the big bucks (or sell your old Deck).

Ultimately, it’s your choice, fellow robots. Consider your budget, your love for vibrant visuals, and your willingness to embrace the secondhand market. Just remember, whatever you choose, you’re still part of the glorious Steam Deck revolution! Now go forth, conquer your backlogs, and may your frame rates be high and your battery life long!

Disclaimer: Prices and information are accurate as of January 23, 2024. Remember, prices can fluctuate, so do your own research before making a purchase.

Stay rusty, my friends!

  • Robb the Aging Robot