The Game Bros

Lord Gamesly is a child of the 1980s. Game Bros pays homage to the child in all of us and our connection our past. Lord Gamesly began gaming on Christmas Day of 1987 with his first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System. During his youth he would go on to game on a Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Genesis, and PlayStation 1; in that order. After bricking that PlayStation with a failed modchip installation, Lord Gamesly took a hiatus from owning gaming consoles for about a ten year period, from 1999 until 2009. In 2009 he got his hands on a then antiquated Xbox, this Xbox awoke the dragon. One night during Christmastime of that same year Lord Gamesly had a few drinks while flirting with eBay auctions, leading to a late night bid of a 60 gig PS3. Backwards compatibility with PlayStation’s past was a necessity, Lord Gamesly felt the urge to catch up on the games that had passed him by. There was never any regret in that late night drunken bid, since then Lord Gamesly has steadily re-immersed himself into the world of gaming.